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VideoDB Documentation
Building World's First Video Database

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What's a Video Database ?

A video database is a database system optimized for storing, cataloging, and retrieving digital video content. Like traditional databases, video databases rely on metadata and indexes to organize the content and enable search and retrieval. However, video data is much more complex due to its large size, multimedia nature, lack of inherent structure, and semantic gap between low-level visual features and high-level concepts.
Video databases aim to provide random access to sequential video data by building indexes, and developing interfaces to query and browse the content. It also utilize video compression and streaming technologies for efficient storage and transmission. Summarization techniques are used to generate compact abstracts and skims of full-length videos.
In the field of multimedia application development, we stand at the brink of a transformative era. Traditional methods of managing audio and video files, such as MP3 and MP4, often involve cumbersome file handling, high transcoding costs, and complexities that impact efficiency. This scenario is reminiscent of the days when data was managed in CSV files before the advent of SQL databases. Just as SQL databases revolutionized data management, VideoDB is committed to to fundamentally change how we handle multimedia content.

VideoDB: Serverless Video Database for AI Applications

is the first of its kind – a serverless Database that introduces a database-level abstraction to multimedia content. This innovative approach allows developers to interact with audio and video files with the same efficiency, flexibility, and scalability as SQL databases offer for data management.

Key Features and Benefits

📹 Accessibility : Access video segments instantly from 1000s of files with unprecedented ease.
# Search in thousands of file with ease and watch the results
results = = "What’s the effect of Dopamine")

📁 Efficient File Management: Streamline operations without creating new files for every action, thus reducing redundancy and storage requirements.
# Generate stream from any section of the video
stream_url = video.get_stream(timeline=[(0, 10), (30, 40)])

♾️ Simplified Complexity: Manage intricate multimedia operations using intuitive, developer-friendly database commands.
video = conn.upload(url="")

💰 Lower Costs: Drastically lower your transcoding expenses by handling operations within the database environment. VideoDB offers optimized backend to manage all multimedia related operations and beating all cost benchmarks.

🚤 Lower Latency: Enhance overall performance of your multimedia applications with blazingly fast processing and retrieval times. Index videos with ease, VideoDB can index spoken content in one hour video in minutes and offers millisecond level retrieval speed.

Ideal for Modern Developers

VideoDB is designed to be an integral part of every developer's toolkit. Whether you're building a simple web application or a complex AI driven multimedia platform, VideoDB provides the tools you need to manage audio and video content more effectively.
Let's get started and unlock the full potential of your multimedia applications with VideoDB!

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