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Shivani Desai

Hey there 👋 I'm Shivani, a curious mind that believes empathy and design can solve anything. From crafting memorable product designs to shaping our communications and brand design, I've been fortunate to be part of and journey, right from its humble beginnings. We've transformed video product at its core, from Spext: a no-code haven for organizing, editing, and publishing, to VideoDB: a set of cutting-edge developer solutions for AI-enabled video management and delivery infrastructure – talk about a thrilling ride!

I'm a bit of a people and culture buff. Outside work, I often collaborate with impactful projects in organizations tackling global issues like the refugee crisis, empowering survivors of abuse, and advocating for reformative wellness. Some of my dearest work:
When I'm not wrapped up in design work, I love me some healthy escapes; digital art and photography (consuming Midjourney & Runway projects have been my favourites lately). I'm also somewhat of a language enthusiast – whether it’s movies, music, or literature- I love anything that give me a glimpse of the millions of cultures that surround us. Isn’t it fascinating to reflect on the roots of our existence?
I realise I’m a serial overthinker, so when all of this thinking gets too much, I doodle :) Sometimes, I write:

Listening to people is a skill I deeply value. Those tiny observations often fuel my design ideas in surprising ways. It led me towards building a simple game and creating an archive of invaluable personal conversations; something I hope even more people can do. We could all benefit from some listening:

Got a design project, idea or want to chat about any of this? Feel free to reach out – I'm always up for an interesting conversation.

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