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Subtitle Style

FontName: The name of the font to use for the subtitles.
FontSize: The size of the font. This is typically in pixels.
PrimaryColour: The color of the main subtitle text. The color format is usually in &HBBGGRR or &HAABBGGRR (with alpha).
SecondaryColour: The color used for karaoke or secondary effects. It follows the same color format as PrimaryColour.
OutlineColour: The color of the outline of the text. It also follows the same color format.
BackColour: The color of the subtitle background. Follows the same color format.
Bold: Set to True for bold text, False for normal textcan you point me to the Subtitle asset codebase.
Italic: Set to True for italic text, False for normal text.
Underline: Set to True for underlined text, False for normal text.
StrikeOut: Set to True for strike-through text, False for normal text.
ScaleX: Horizontal scaling of the font in percent.
ScaleY: Vertical scaling of the font in percent.
Spacing: Additional spacing between characters in pixels.
Angle: The rotation angle of the text in degrees.
BorderStyle: Sets the style of the border around the text (e.g., 1 for outline, 3 for opaque box).
Outline: The width of the outline around the text in pixels.
Shadow: The depth of the shadow behind the text in pixels.
Alignment: The position of the text on the screen (e.g., 1 for bottom left, 2 for bottom center, 3 for bottom right, etc., following the SSA/ASS standard).
MarginL, MarginR, MarginV: Left, right, and vertical margins in pixels.

video = collection.upload(url="")

# add subtitle with default style
stream_url = video.add_subtitle()

from videodb import SubtitleStyle

# add subtitle with custome style
stream_url = video.add_subtitle(
font_name= ,
font_size= ,
primary_colour= ,
secondary_colour= ,
outline_colour= ,
back_colour= ,
bold= ,
italic= ,
underline= ,
strike_out= ,
scale_x= ,
scale_y= ,
spacing= ,
angle= ,
border_style= ,
outline= ,
shadow= ,
alignment= ,
margin_l= ,
margin_r= ,
margin_v= ,

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