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VideoDB Documentation
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Beyond Traditional Video Infrastructure

Transcoding is the most heavily used CPU operation run on the cloud.

Here’s a recent tweet from FFmpeg~ ​

Why do we need so much encoding?

If we really question it from the first principle — Do we really need to pack information in MP4s even now, when nobody stores videos on their laptops or PCs or Macs?
This seems essential only if you are looking to compress video files.
If you are looking to optimize speed or cost of creating dynamic videos and delivering them instantly, there is nothing that can help you today. More money? Try throwing more GPUs on the problem, it won’t work, GPUs can’t optimize the compressions.

Enter VideoDB 👉

We need a much smarter way to avoid the transcoding process for quick and fast dynamic clip creation. videoDB is the way media should be retrieved, stored, and delivered. A full stack database to use power of FFmpeg yet optimising for great user experience in less cost.

Have Fun and just use FFmpeg 😆

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