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Insert Dynamic Ads in real-time

Video files lack flexibility when altering the flow and inserting another video at a specific point. Imagine putting a dynamic video advertisement on your video stream for your customers. With VideoDB, you can achieve this without editing the video file or creating a new one! It give you the power to contextualize ad insertion and personalize advertisements in your videos.


🔧 Installing VideoDB in your environment

VideoDB is available as a

🔗 Setting Up a connection to db

To connect to VideoDB, simply create a Connection object.
This can be done by either providing your VideoDB API key directly to the constructor or by setting the VIDEO_DB_API_KEY environment variable with your API key.

Uploading the videos to VideoDB

Let’s consider a base video as Sam Altman’s conversation on OpenAI and AGI. We’ll choose another video to insert in this 👉 (let’s get IBM’s Advertisement) . The aim is to insert the Ad video into the base video at a specific timestamp.
For this, we will need to first upload both the videos to VideoDB

Video Timeline Insertion

Now that both videos are uploaded, inserting one into another becomes incredibly straightforward using VideoDB
For instance, let's say we wish to insert our clip at the 20-second mark in the video's timeline:
stream_link is a streaming link that offers instant playback capability – no rendering necessary. ⚡️

Play Modified Video

Let’s check the results:
You can generate as many streaming links as needed for your use-case. This gives you power to personalize your video content for each user.

No Limitations

The inserted video doesn’t have to be solely for advertisements; it can be a disclaimer or announcement for the person watching the video. Furthermore, your stream is dynamic, enabling you to adjust the timestamp and insertion video based on your business logic.
This is an incredible power to have for any product hosting videos. Let’s master video content manipulation like a pro!
Godspeed ✨ We can’t wait to see all the awesome stuff you can build with VideoDB Would love to know your thoughts at 👉

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