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StreamRAG: Connect ChatGPT to VideoDB

🎥 an open source server, allows you to to chat with your video library inside ChatGPT and watch video streams. With the intelligence and conversational abilities of ChatGPT, this search agent opens up a world of possibilities, allowing you to convert your VideoDB collection into a dynamic and interactive video knowledge base.

Unlock Your Videos Instantly
Whether you have educational content, professional meetings, movies or TV series, StreamRAG empowers you to transform these videos into an engaging and interactive ChatGPT experience. With StreamRAG, your videos are not just a passive collection but a lively, conversational partner.

Create Private or Public GPTs 🌐
You can create both private and public GPTs on the GPT Store. This means you can share your video RAG with a broader audience or keep it exclusive for personal use or within a select group.

Open Source and Easy to Use
StreamRAG is open source, ensuring that it's accessible and modifiable for your use-cases. Even if you're new to AI and video databases, it’s designed to be user-friendly and straightforward to implement. Head over to our GitHub repository to checkout the codebase 👉🏼
VideoDB makes it super easy to build search agents. We are super excited for the future of such agents that can connect to all kinds of user facing agents like ChatGPT ⚡️

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