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Callback Details


You can pass callback url in upload function. Here are the details of callback responses.

👍🏼 Successful Video Upload

👍🏼 Successful Audio Upload

👍🏼 Successful Image upload

Errors in Upload

If the uploaded file is corrupted 👎🏻

Invalid file 👎🏻

If the file is Invalid or wrong media_type is passed in the upload function.
Upload function supported media_type is available in the class MediaType which are 👉🏼 ["video", "image", "audio"]

Index spoken words

Indexing a video is an async job. We do provide progress bar on our python sdk for developer experience. But it’s only good for communicating the progress on Jupyter or colab notebooks.
Screenshot 2024-03-22 at 3.30.33 PM.jpg

When you move it to to production, you can use callbacks for your backend workflows. Pass callback url while calling the function

Successfully Indexed 👍🏼

Error in Indexing job 👎🏻

Index scenes

Similar to other indexing operations scene index is also an async job. You can pass callback in the function.

👍🏼 Successfully Indexed

👎🏻 Error in Indexing

Extract Scenes

👍🏼 Successfully extracted

👎🏻 Error in Extracting

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