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Programmable Video Streams

Ashutosh Trivedi
Let me introduce you to the concept of Programmable Video Streams—an exciting feature of VideoDB that's set to enhance the way developers create, manage, and deliver video content in today’s AI driven world.
Imagine a platform where multimedia content is not static but can be dynamically stitched together from various segments. Programmable Video Streams offer just that—unprecedented flexibility and control over video content. It's like having a straightforward yet powerful interface to a video editor that can be operated in real time.
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Benefits for Developers

🛠️ Customization at Scale: Programatically create video streams for individual user preferences, and deliver a personalized experience.
🏎️ Efficiency and Speed: Automate the video production process, significantly reducing the time, and money needed to create engaging video content.
💬 Innovative Content Creation: Combine live data, user-generated content, and pre-existing video segments to create unique and compelling video experiences.
🍭 Enhanced Engagement: Tailor video content to the viewer’s interests and behaviors, increasing engagement and viewer satisfaction.

What are Programmable Video Streams?

Programmable Video Streams allow for the dynamic creation and manipulation of video streams based on programmable criteria and logic. This enables developers to automate the assembly of video segments into coherent streams, tailor content to user preferences, and even integrate real-time data into video streams.

How It Works?

Timeline and Asset objects enables intricate editing capabilities, such as removing filler words or beeping out the curse words or overlaying images, text objects on any part of the video.
Developers can use indexing to organize video segments, defining criteria for video selection, sequencing, and integration based on timelines. This could involve user preferences, viewing history, or any data that informs content selection and arrangement.
VideoDB now supports a wide range of audio file uploads, images, enabling a more comprehensive multimedia experience.
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👉 Checkout to overlay Text object anywhere on the video stream

Video Personalization

You now have the capability to program video streams to have personalized greetings, background music, and even dubbing in multiple languages . Checkout this example on dubbing 👉 . Additionally, making videos child safe or enhancing videos with music and sound effects has been made straightforward.

Vision for Tomorrow

VideoDB remains committed to pushing the boundaries of multimedia on web. With plans to expand our multimedia capabilities and enhance our indexing and search functionalities, our journey continues 🚀

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